Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tesoro's like Willy Wonka land.. minus the chocolate!

Josh and Jonathan pose for a "stroller picture".

The Ferris Wheel at Tesoro and pics of Josh and I enjoying the day.

The gorgeous view of Medellin from one of the mall lookouts.

The boys enjoyed the day... each in their own way.

Great day today! We were able to go to Tesoro and see this amazing mall. The place itself is full of great stores, most of them are high-end leather stores, SHOE stores... (which ya'll should be proud of me... I didn't buy ANY shoes.... today.) and many American stores like Nine West, Kenneth Cole, Carter's, Gymboree and Levi's. We had a great time walking around.

The mall has enclosed areas and open areas, which makes it feel nice and airy. In the middle of it, there's a mini-amusement park for kids which is fabulous! The way it works is similar to Dave and Busters... you get a card and put money on it. Each ride you want to go on costs a certain number of "points". You swipe your card and ride. It's only for kids, but I did get to ride the ferris wheel with Josh, which was so fun! I kept thinking... why don't we have one of these back home? Seriously. The park is safe, fun (not exactly germ free but hey, what is?) and affordable. Josh spent most of his time inside a play gym where you could climb, go down a slide, etc. Now that I think about it, it's like the play gym you would see in McDonalds. I guess since I never let him go to those... he took advantage and went about 5 times today.

He also rode the big slide, a monster truck and then we ended up in the arcade section. Josh is so very funny.. he thinks he's great at Skee Ball, but poor guy, he's not at all. He winds up those small balls and throws them, most of the time getting zero points.. even throwing them into other lanes, etc. It's so funny. He was happy though... he managed to score some tickets and bought two bouncy balls in the prize store.

Jonathan had a great time today too... he basically watched Josh the whole time and napped while we went around letting "big brother" have fun.

The other highlight of our day was meeting the Uribe family. We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival and are thrilled they were finally able to pick up their beautiful son, Isaac today from Casa de maria. He is so very sweet... 9 months old and I couldn't believe he even fell asleep in his Daddy's arms amidst the chaos of lunch. Their older boys, Hayden and Carter were so much fun, I can tell Josh is going to have lots of fun with them. Natalie was right... it's definately a party with 5 boys all in the same place together! I'm thinking we should get them to start a boy-beat band... maybe call themselves... los cinco Chicos. Okay, so we can work on the name.

We all had lunch at Crepes and Waffles.... seriously! When I saw that there was a Crepes and Waffles in the Tesoro mall I was thrilled! We adored Crepes and Waffles in Bogota and their food is every bit as delicious here in Medellin. I wish I would've taken pictures of our lunch date with the Uribes... but, keeping track of all the boys, feeding Jonathan and downing our food, while taking pictures seemed impossible at the time. I'll definately take some of them in the upcoming weeks! :)

So, I leave you tonight with pictures of today and of course, the promised video of yesterday... it's a good one.

Love you all and am praying for you!


  1. This is a HOOT!!! Give a hoot take a poot :) You are so funny Love ya, Pamela

  2. That kid is amazing! I never saw a baby go poo poo on demand! Also, another miracle is that at some point during the video I began understanding Spanish!!! I became bilingual during that bowel movement! I am so thankful you guys had another fun day and I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to buy shoes!!! Listen, you are the only girl in the family so you should get EXTRA! I love you all and pray that today will be another day full of blessings!

  3. How scary is it that Jonathan looks like Danny, smiles so much and sucks his thumb - there are SOOO many similarities! Please tell him that his Tia Bibs is going to eat him!!!! Tell Josh that I will give him candy!!! :P Enjoy your quiet family time because the Que Pasa USA family back home is getting ancy!!!

  4. Pam and Kelly: Yeah, this video is hysterical. I don't know how he pushed on command, but hey, talent is talent right?!
    Bibs: Yes... Jonathan is very similar to Danny. Even the poopie stories remind me of him (all of those childhood farts I took in the face) I am anxious to see the Que Pasa USA fam too! hee, hee. Trust me, they'll be plenty of him to pass around. Tell Lukie.. I'm bringing chocolate! Oh and tell Sho Sho, I'll try to find chocolate covered cherries.