Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jonathan's First Pool Day

Two happy boys having fun in the sun.
Big Brother Josh is there to lend a hand as Jonathan gets his taste of the hotel pool.

Josh says that Jonathan's pool hair reminds him of "Mr. Lopart" in Handy Manny. Basically, it's a comb over do. I'd say he's right on the money. :)

He loved the water!

Great day today.. the weather here in Medellin was really nice so we decided to see if Jonathan would take to the pool as well as he takes to the bath. Sure enough, he did! We've included a video and pics of his experience. He enjoyed the water and splashed and played. When Josh was a baby, he hated water on his face (still does really) but Jonathan is the opposite. He really doesn't mind one bit if you splash his sweet face up. We had a great time enjoying that "first moment" with him.

We were supposed to visit Tesoro today, a shopping mall close by with shops, restaurants, kid's playground, etc but things got complicated. Our guide Gloria had to attend to another family who just arrived here in Medellin (who we hope to meet soon!) so, we were content to wait our turn until she was available. By the time she arrived to take us in the late afternoon, we opted to just visit Carulla today to pick up a few extra things we needed. Carulla's a supermarket chain here in Colombia. There was one very close by to the place we stayed when we adopted Joshua so we would walk there each day. This Carulla isn't too far but the street is very busy and congested... not exactly safe for a 4 year old and a baby. So, we went ahead and bought a few things: diapers, formula, contact solution, you know... essentials.

Then it was back to the hotel for bathtime, dinner and bed. My nights seem to get more hectic as I keep thinking that I want to log onto answer emails, post the blog update and even place some calls through Skype. I'm sorry if I don't answer right away... I love you all and pray you'll forgive me! I try to get to them as soon as possible but, duty calls and the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me.

Jonathan continues to be great. He's not napping as much in the afternoon which causes him to be exhausted at around 6pm, which means he usually falls asleep while we're having dinner and then doesn't want to sleep at 8pm. Plus he's onto me. He knows that when I start rocking him and humming or singing it's time for bed. He tries to put his hand over my mouth so I'll stop. It's pretty funny. He can also clap his hands and he's starting to give "besitos" where he just opens his mouth and places it on your cheek. He's got many "fans" around the hotel as people usually stop to say how cute he is or what a good baby, etc. But I have to tell you this boy has some pretty fowl bowel movements. Seriously! He used to go once a day but now we're up to two times and it smells really, really, REALLY bad. I bought these bags that are powder scented to put the diapers in, hoping they would mask the smell, but no way! We usually take them and put them in trash cans around the hotel... I'm thinking a few more days and they'll be onto us! We just can't bear the hotel room with that constant odor... and that's with candles lit and all! hee, hee. I'm going to add a "special video" on the blog tomorrow for those of you who want to see the making of this in action. There's a "soup" the hotel makes that's packed with veggies, chicken, etc and it seems to really hit the spot for Jonathan. Right after that, he's... well, you'll see. (Heck, I'm hoping to show him the clip when he's 17 and bringing dates home.) Stay tuned!

Joshua's still great with the baby... we are finding though that we have to "tighten the reigns" with regards to discipline as he sometimes needs reminders obeying the first time, and he can get demanding too. I'm praying for compassion and kindness in dealing with him as I know some of these things are surfacing because of the new baby. The cartoons are getting to me... and that means we have to plan more outdoor activities! Which now that Jonathan's feeling better, we definately hope to do very soon.
So tomorrow is the day we'll go to Tesoro and hopefully both kids will be entertained. On Friday Frank's parents arrive for a few days (Awello and Awella as Josh affectionally calls them) so, we're excited to share Medellin with them too and do some sightseeing together.

Today our thoughts are with my little nephew, Lucas. He turned two today. We love that little guy! He's so fun, energetic and cuddly. Happy Birday Lucas!!!! Wish we could give you a great big hug on you big day but we'll celebrate with you when we get back. You are such a blessing! xo

All in all, we are blessed. God is so good.
Here's the pool video... :)


  1. Love it!!! Looks like you had a great day! Love you all... and I'm thinking about you!!! XOXOX

  2. OMG...I love the description of the diaper change. You are soooo funny girl. Can't wait to see the concoction of sopa. I know how that compota is(cuban style),I made it for my girls..You're right it is POWERFUL!!!!

  3. Good Morning Frank and Sandy. Love the new pictures and find myself looking forward to my morning "read". I am getting the fact that Jonathan has stinky diapers. You wrote a whole chapter on that. Made me laugh. Enjoy your day. Got to run for now! Praying as always though!

    I love you ALL!

  4. Love you girls! Smooches to each of you! Sandy

  5. Sandy & Frank we are so happy for you, your little ones are so adorable together.. God bless your beautiful family <3

    Tony and Dylan