Monday, August 30, 2010


On our way.. Josh wanted to "hold" Jonathan... it was the first time he asked and I couldn't say no. He's so happy about his baby brother. Jonathan didn't mind having the life squeezed out of him for just a few minutes.
Here's our close knit group... all equipped with strollers. The Castellon, Craven and Rodriguez families... :)

Ok so, I asked Daddy to take a pic of the three of us. What he failed to tell me was that Jonathan's face was all covered up. Poor guy the rain was coming in sideways and we were trying to make sure both boys were bundled up. No wonder Jonathan didn't comment much about the horse show...

The Colombian vaqueros did a great job! It was a really nice show.

It looks like even Colombia had an "Old West".

I'm thinking we might have to invest in a bunny sometime in the future. Our guide Jaime says they are very good to eat. HA!

Ok so, the first time we visited Bogota, I'm sad to say we didn't venture out much... I'm not even sure why. We went to Zipaquira (the salt mine) and to the Botero Museum and of course to Andres Carne de Res, but this time we wanted to make sure we did other things too. So, when the Cravens told us about this interactive animal park called Panaca, we were excited to go! We teamed up with the Cravens and the Rodriguez families and all went to Panaca. It's about an hour's drive south of Bogota and has LOTS of animals to see. The weather wasn't the best... unfortunately, so that kept us from seeing much. But we did get to see the horses (including a horse show, which was hilarious), ponies, donkeys, birds, turkeys and rabbits. From what we here there was much more to see, but that's when the rain set in and we couldn't see much more.

The park is actually set on a large area of land and you can walk throughout it via dirt roads. Our poor strollers! You can imagine the dirt on them at the end of our visit. Josh especially LOVED the rabbit exhibit. You paid 2,000 pesos (roughly $1) and the kids could go in and run around with the rabbits... play with them and even carry them. Even though it rained a bit, he didn't mind at all. He carried them and was surprisingly gentle with them. Anna Marie was a riot as she picked up the bunnies upside down but no harm done, I think they all survived.

There was also a place to feed the birds and ducks... really nice to see them all get pelted with food from my son. :) Ah, he's so gentle....

I wanted to do the zipline but then the rain set in... it was a good price too.... $20,000 pesos for the whole course (I think it was 3 ziplines). My chance at living the Amazing Race was not to be... so, I guess I'll have to come back someday just for that.

It was a great day with friends and we enjoyed ourselves so very much!

Good news is that it looks like we'll be back home by this weekend... hooray! I have loved every moment in Medellin and Bogota but I miss home too. We miss our family and friends, our dog (spencer), our BED, and church... those are the main voids. Now we can begin to get Jonathan settled into his new home, new room and forever family. We are so very thrilled that the Lord allowed us to go through this journey. I cannot say enough thanks to those who have helped us throughout this journey... and those we've met along the way. We will forever remember your love and be grateful for you. May the Lord bless you so very much! (and for those of you still in process... may the Lord grant you a speedy court process!) :)


  1. I will be forever thankful for the way the Lord has answered our prayers throughout your journey. It has been a huge blessing to read through your posts each day and watch your family of three become a family of four. I love all of you and can't wait to meet Jonathan and also give the rest of you a big hug! I love you Castellons!

  2. I love the pictures!!! I miss Medellin so very much and Vicky!!!

    Are you home?!! I've been praying for you!