Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Beautiful Day with Beautiful Friends

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's swimming Josh will ALL his clothes on!
Two sweet Josh's and one beautiful Bella... I love this pic.

Here we are with the Menefee Family... Bruce, Josh, Ruth, Abi, myself, Frank and Bella's in front. You can't see our Josh as he's hiding behind Frank... he immersed himself in the pool with his clothes on (first pic)

So today was very nice! We got up and enjoyed the breakfast buffet included with our hotel stay. I have to tell you all... this buffet is indescribable! It's delicious! I have to take pics to show you all but before I do that, I have to tell you that there are amazing breads (many local including Bunelos and pan de ariquepe), a fruit buffet complete with smoothies of at least three different flavors, at least 7 different juices and hot items too. Oh yeah, and there's an omlette station. It's divine! They have it each day until 10am so we have a nice breakfast and then skip lunch or have something small... seriously, it lives up to all of the comments we've heard up until now!

Then around 10am Gloria came to pick us up and took us to Exito. OK, picture a Super Walmart but magnified 100 times, it's HUGE! There are grocery items, clothes and even household items. My favorite part was that there was a giant escalator that would allow you and your grocery cart to travel to the second floor... so fun. We took our time going through the store and Gloria was invaluable... even though we don't necessarily need her to translate for us, she is such a gem! She called Casa de Maria to ask what formula Jonathan uses (it's NAN Pro 2) and what flavors of baby food he eats (we bought all sorts of them, just in case... Mango, Fresa, Vegetales, etc). We also bought food items to make dinner at the hotel at least three nights this week. This way we hope to save some money going out to eat each day!

When we returned we were thrilled to hear that our dear friends, the Menefee Family were here having lunch! We quickly met them at the restaurant and even though we had only exchanged emails until now, we felt like we've known them for a long time. They were here with their Gladney guide, Vicky (who is so very sweet) and we were able to sit and hang out with them for awhile. Ruth is amazing! She is so very kind hearted and deeply routed in her faith. We have so much on common... well, she's much more fashion savy than I for sure! We both have boys named Josh and we both love Jesus! While Bruce and Frank sat and talked, Ruth and I easily talked about adoption, this experience and our beautiful children. Josh loved playing with their kids: Josh, Bella and Abi. They are a blessing! I'm only sad for us that they will be leaving on Thursday for Bogota as they got sentencia for Abi today. I will miss them already! But I know the Lord has big plans for the Menefee family and I hope we keep in touch.

Just in case any of you want to learn more about their journey, their blog is: http://www.ourcolombianjewel.blogspot.com/

Well, tomorrow's the big day! We are due at Casa de Maria at 11:15 am to receive Jonathan (12:15 Miami time) so we are very excited. Keep those prayers coming! We love you very much!


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