Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hanging out with Friends

At dinner, Jonathan decided his high chair would be more fun if he sat on it backwards... gitty up horsey!
Jonathan's latest is to PUSH for his bowl movement with his hands raised above his head like Superman... yeah... this kid just keeps them coming.

Here are the three Casa de Maria babies: Jonathan, Ariana and Isaac. Aren't they cute? Jonathan's the oldest at 10 months, and Ariana and Isaac are both 9 months.

Josh has loved this new toy he got... ironically as a "happy meal" prize at Mondongo's restaurant. It's a Ben 10 disc shooter that wraps around his wrist. This thing follows us everywhere and yes, you can imagine the discs too. :)

Jonathan and Isaac have a playdate.

Baby Hugo is being adopted by a Swiss family. He's big and cuddly... but will smile when tickled. Both he and Jonathan have the exact same birthday... isn't that funny? Yeah, I think at this stage though, he'd take Jonathan for sure.

Josh got a "golf lesson" yesterday. His swing's gotten much better... he doesn't look like he's swinging a baseball bat anymore.

Jonathan's learned to give me these "kisses". He basically sucks on my cheek... it's cute. I think he thinks that's what I do to him all day long. Josh always says that my kisses are "slimey".

Yesterday and today have been great days of just hanging out with friends. Yesterday we went to Exito with Gloria to buy a few last minute things and last night we had Natalie and Issac over for dinner. Frank "reheated" as he calls it... spaghetti and sauce with garlic bread. We had a great time and both Isaac and Jonathan had a great time playing. Isaac is the sweetest baby... very smiley and laid back. We are thrilled to have them here in the hotel with us... but sad that Tony, Hayden and Carter had to go back home. We hope to keep Natalie company, at least until we head off to Bogota on Tuesday.

Today we went to a different mall here in Medellin called Oviedo. It was really nice! We went with Natalie and Isaac and another great family we've met recently, the Gitkins. James and Jennifer have twin boys Josh's age (who are at home in Weston) and they are here adopting Ariana (13 months old) from Casa de Maria. She is gorgeous! We are so happy to have met them... and knowing they live in Weston, very close to us is so cool! Now we have another family to include in our adoption group picnics, parties, trips, etc. I told them that we have to get together when we all get back since Josh would LOVE to meet their boys Jacob and Dylan.

Tonight we all ate dinner at Hatu Viejo... and it was delicious. So nice! Tomorrow we hope to travel to Casa de Maria in the morning for our tour and farewell and then go to Gloria's house for dinner with the other two families. I will miss everyone here so very much, but especially Gloria. She has been a godsend... without her, Medellin wouldn't have been so very amazing. I keep telling her she HAS to come to Miami to visit us! She is very exceptional and extremely great at what she does. During this trip she has gone above and beyond with us... driving us around, helping with paperwork and even just being here (for example when Jonathan needed to see a doctor, she insisted on being here). So very special. Frank said to me today... he has NOTHING but amazing things to say about everyone who has helped us here in Medellin... from our Gladney staff, hotel staff to Casa de Maria staff, it has all been truly amazing. I'm really sad that we may not get to do this again... although, I guess you never know. What God has in store for you is what's best. I'm hoping we can continue to open our home and hearts to children who need families.... they all deserve mommies and daddies who will love them.

So, by this time on Tuesday we should be in Bogota... ready to embark upon our next leg of this journey. We'll be staying at Hotel Paris... where we stayed for Joshua's adoption so, we are very excited to come full circle, back to the lovely place where it all began for us as a family.

God is so very good.... and I thank Him so very much for my beautiful boys.... I'm blessed.


  1. I know that EVERYONE whose paths you have crossed has been blessed by the Castellon family! I am praying for you as you close out your time there. I know it has to be bittersweet. I love each and every one of you! I can't wait for your shower!

  2. We are all blessed, Thank you Lord for both of our beautiful grandsons.

  3. I have been so blessed by your journey....Jonathan is so happy and has gotten even cuter!! Josh is just having a blast!!! Something keeps telling me the #3....I don't know????? All of those babies and children are just so very precious. They do such a fantastic match of the families and the babies. You can tell that it is directed by God. Baby Hugo is a riot!!! Has he been adopted??? He is toooooo funny with his gansta look. lol Love ya...Pamela

  4. COME HOME!!!! I can't wait to see you and meet sweet heart Jonathan!