Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Restful Sunday...

There are the Bro's: Big and Little...
I'm so thankful they really do LOVE each other.
A proud Mama with her beautiful boys.

Another great day of bonding... each day we see Jonathan open up more... he laughs, he giggles and he looks for each of us. Frank was awesome... last night he let me sleep through one of the feedings and fed Jonathan himself. The baby napped awhile in the morning but then only napped a little in the afternoon. I think he's starting to realize that if he naps, he'll miss something. Sweet boy. Since we've had him couped up because of his cold, he's doing so much better! We also noticed that he's cutting a few teeth on his top gums which explains the large amount of drool that follows him everywhere. I feel very blessed that we did remember the Oragel this trip... as the last time we forgot it and Frank and Blanca sent it to us in Bogota. :)

Joshua is really bonding with Jonathan... he wants to be the one to make him laugh and sometimes if Frank or I ask him to go somewhere in the hotel with us, his response is: "No, I want to stay with Jonathan". It's cute. We are also noticing that he does have some jealousy but not the kind we expected. We thought he'd be vying for OUR attention, instead he wants all of the BABY's attention. Funny huh?

We've been ordering room service for dinner the last few nights since we've been trying to stay indoors. Josh loves it. Today he even said, "Mommy, can we order house service tonight?" This morning I took Josh to the pool again and he had a great time... he even swam to me from the steps all by himself! He was so proud and so was I! Josh was happy his friend David was close by to play with in the water and I was terrified as neither David nor Josh can actually swim. But praise the Lord, we made it through safe and both boys were happy.

Tonight we ate at the hotel's restaurant again, Fogon de Piedras. Frankie and I had slices of a bacon and prune pizza... (I know it sounds gross, but it was actually good.) Josh just had cheese.

My favorite time tonight was when we had our family devotional. We've been using this great book, Powerful Prayers for your Family by David and Heather Kopp. It's great! Today we talked about the verses:
"Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth. We love because He first loved us." I John 3: 18; 4:19

I thought this verse was so appropriate for our family now because the Love Jesus demonstrated was just that: an action love. Not just words but actions to back it up. He proved that to us at the cross. We talked about how there will be times (especially in this month long process) that we may not FEEL like loving each other but Jesus calls us to not go by our feelings but love through our actions. We talked about ways we could do that as a family. Even Jonathan sat and looked on as we had our discussion. :)

I'm hoping and praying tomorrow goes smoothly... we have to be ready to go at 9:00am (that will take nothing short of a miracle!) in order to be at Casa de Maria at 9:30 for our first interview. After that, it's off to the court to submit our paperwork and wait to see which court is assigned to us. I'll check back tomorrow... in the meantime, enjoy the updated pics! I had bought both boys these shirts in Miami before we left and was so thankful they fit! Thank you all for your love and encouragement. Until tomorrow....


  1. Love the shirts! We'll be praying for you tomorrow! Hope all goes well! (I KNOW it will!) Praying you get assigned a good court!

  2. So sweet! Your little boys are seriously such a combination of you and Frank it is AMAZING! Praying for you all the time! I can't wait until you all get back but I know these days are so precious for you all. You get to be away from the world and spend this concentrated time together that is so sweet! I love each and every one of you!

  3. Love it! They are so cute together. Jonathan looks like he's feeling better and Josh SWAM!!!! All kinds of positivity going on here! You are truly blessed. Thinking of you every day and saying prayers for a great interview today!!! Love you!

  4. Our grandson's are beautiful, they look so cute in those shirts. On the second picture they look like they are talking to each other.
    Lots of Hugs & kisses to all.
    Dear Lord grant them a good court.

  5. Precious Sandy...I know everyting(Jamaican) is gonna be alright. BESOTES to all of you!, Pamela