Monday, May 24, 2010

It's a.... BOY! Again!

That's right, ya'll... our call came last Friday while I was conducting my library inventory. All of a sudden I look at my caller ID and it says GLADNEY and I'm like... No way. So of course when I pick up, one of our friends, Gilma Ines says... "Sandy, is there anyway we can get Frank on the line?" and then I was shaking even more! Once she got us both on the line she told us we had been matched with a beautiful baby boy in Medellin. She immediately sent us his picture and when we opened it, it was love at first sight! He is so beautifully precious and the resemblance to Josh isn't just coincidence. Truly this is the child God has chosen for us. All of my mental notes of "pink" flew through the air and I knew... this was the way it was meant to be. I am going to be the mommy of two rough and tough boys! (Please begin to pray for me!)

We've decided to name him:

Jonathan Samuel

(Gift from God)

Stay tuned as we post more of our adventures (pictures too!)

Love you all and can't wait to embark upon this journey again!

Colombia, here we come!