Friday, August 6, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Daddy and Jonathan are all smiles.

Mommy has to get creative when feeding baby Jonathan...
Josh said that Buzz Light Year was landing on a "baby alien planet". Poor Jonathan!

I get so much love while in the pool!
There isn't much exciting news to tell today. Jonathan slept well last night but still woke up at 1:30am and 6:00am. I fed him both times and changed his diaper and we both went back to sleep. The only problem is that feeding him takes a LONG time! Little one takes his sweet time drinking his milk so, by the time I feed him and change him... I'm up a whole hour! Needless to say, I am a little backlogged on my sleep, but it's ok.
Frankie usually wakes before us... today he was there to witness Jonathan waking up. He immediately looked over at me and broke into a HUGE smile. Ah... ok, now I'll get up as many times as it takes at night! My heart melts... sweet boy. He really is opening up to us and I'm so very thankful for that!
We were supposed to go to Casa de Maria today to have Jonathan see the pediatrician but Gloria suggested we wait until Monday. He's doing so much better and we are due to go on Monday to the ICBF court to meet our "defensor" for "la presentacion". It's the first step in the adoptiong process here in Bogota. So truly, our time here begins on Monday, even though we will have already been here one week. No worries... I'm praying for a "good court", one that doesn't take so very long. Whichever God chooses!
We stayed indoors mainly today except for our usual outing at the pool. Josh was so excited because his friend Kewin was there too. His parents are from Germany so he was wearing one of those cute kid speedos... Josh immediately tells me, "Mom, why is he swimming in his underwear?" Ugh. I explained that those were his swimmy shorts and boys can have different swimmy shorts. Imagine. I'm including a video of them both jumping from the wall as Josh likes his 5 minutes of fame too!
Jonathan's feeling much better (thank you all for your prayers). He still has a tiny bit of a runny nose and still sneezes some, but overall he's in much better spirits. He's smiling more and definately loving crawling and trying to walk. Today he only slept for two naps... morning and a longer afternoon one. He was asleep at 7:30pm today so, we'll see how we do tonight. Eventually I want to wean him off the midnight feeding so, let's see how soon that can happen.
I wish I had more exciting news to tell... this weekend will be much the same. We hope to watch the festivities on TV tomorrow... the new Colombian president gets sworn in and one of the parades for the Festival of Flowers will be on (one that features old, antique cars). We thought we might be able to venture out to see some of this live, but with Jonathan under the weather and our upcoming interview on Monday, we don't want to chance him taking a turn for the worse.
Josh has been a trooper. When we have to stay indoors during the day, he happily watches Discovery Kids in Spanish or Playhouse Disney. Tonight he told Frank that he misses "the United States of America" and his programs in English. Poor guy... the hotel has a series of flags out front and each time he sees the US flag.. he beams, "That's OUR flag!" I'm praying that the poor guy doesn't get too bummed out about being here, it seems we will be here awhile.
Our plan is to hopefully visit the Medellin aquarium next week.. I think Josh will love that.
Well, I'm going to log off now... try to sleep some before the "baby alarm" sounds off.
Lots of love!


  1. All of you just keep getting cuter.....I love it!!!!!

  2. I love your updates! Jonathan is so adorable and he has such a sweet little smile! I also love all of your pictures and videos. I am praying!

  3. Hi guys, Enjoy those days. I know you are in the hotel for now, but eventually you'll be able to get out and see some of the area. We love following your blog and seeing how everyone is doing. We leaving to go on vacation tomorrow and we won't be able to check it for a week. We can't wait to come back and see the new pics!
    Love, Deborah, Gary, Sean and Izzie

  4. Jonathan is soooooooooo cute!!!! I love to see those smiles! It looks like he's been a part of your family forever and you know what, HE HAS!!!

    love you! Kaye

  5. Chachi, I can't wait to have you guys home! Jonathan is such a happy baby and I love him already!!!! I cant wait for them and Lucas to play - what a beautiful blessing he is to our family. Mom is smiling from the heavens, I know it!!! LOVE YOU XOXO - Tia Bibi