Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did you think we were done? NOT YET!

That's right! We have already put in the paperwork for our 2nd child, once again to be adopted from Colombia. We cannot wait to welcome another child into our happy home and Joshua can't wait to be a big brother! While this time around we have hit several "snags" in the road, I trust my Lord and Savior that all will work out as planned. The adoption process in itself is a true walk of faith and without Him to hold onto, I'd be lost. Both Frank and I trust that our child will come home whenever he or she is supposed to. That makes all the roadblocks bearable. It will be a long wait, but whenever the right time arrives, we'll definately be ready!

This time around it seems that we will be adopting from either Chiquitines in Cali or Casa de Maria in Medellin. I have begun praying for both of these locations, asking the Lord to bless all of the workers, children and the expectant mothers involved with each. It's amazing to think we are so closely linked to the people there... and while I am saddened that this time we couldn't go through CRAN again, I trust again that it was all part of God's plan for us.

Joshua is such a blessing and continues to be each and every day! He so funny, outgoing and very outspoken, always making sure to tell us what he thinks. It's truly awesome how much he is like Frank and I: analytical and loving like Frank; dramatic and clumsy like me! :) I look at him each night and am filled with thankfulness at how God brought us all together. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him, nothing I wouldn't give. He completes us in everyway. We can't wait to open our hearts even more to another little one!

So, stay tuned and hear updates of our journey to our next colombian cutie.... God is so good!