Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing the Hotel Intercontinental

Joshua's "Phil Mickerson" swing...
Joshua "helping" Daddy with his you can see, it didn't go very well.

We had a great time, even if we were each +22!

Beautiful orchids like this one are all over the hotel. I'll post more pics of the gorgeous flowers, but truly when they say "Festival of Flowers", they mean it! Most of them don't even look real!

Here's a look at the breathtaking pool... it's fabulous! There's also a kid's pool towards the back of this shot... really safe. Not sure if you can tell here, but some of the lounge chairs are actually inside of the pool. Really cool.

Josh being Josh. This is at the small kid's playground they have.

Yeah, I'm thinking all he really needs is a ball here...

Our hotel is magnificent! We were blessed to have stayed at Hotel Paris in Bogota with Josh the first time around, but this time, we are staying at a large hotel, complete with a huge pool, mini golf, tennis courts, basketball courts, spa and gym. It's super! There's LOTS to do and since we are about to have 2 energetic boys, this hotel is a Godsend! I wanted to post several pics taken today of this great place. Today we played mini golf as a family. It was Josh's first time and I think his swing needs some practice. I thought he was playing baseball for awhile there... but we had fun. We toured the facility and there's a pic of Josh pretending to shoot a basketball. You'll notice the good form he has... so, maybe there's a basketball scholarship to Duke University in the future... maybe? Josh and I did get in the pool today to practice his swimming.... it's gorgeous and supposedly heated (although today it was pretty cold).

We met with Jonathan's attorney, Angela today. She is so very sweet! She told me that I looked way to young to be adopting. She thought I looked as young as one of the girls that gets adopted. Of course, after that... I adore her! :) We had a meeting with her, Nora and Blanca Velez, our Gladney representatives. They explained the adoption process to us and told us that Wednesday is the day and hopefully next week (Monday maybe) we'll meet with the ICBF official to have our first interview to see if we are bonding well as a family. After that, we'll get assigned a court and things will move from there.

Tomorrow we hope to go to Exito (a large store similar to Walmart) to buy a few groceries in preparation for Jonathan. Should be fun! Love to you all, enjoy the pics! :)

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  1. Looks like you are all having a great time. Can't wait till tomorrow. Want to see pics.
    God bless.