Saturday, August 7, 2010

Caught on Video

So today we once again just hung out at the hotel. Josh's friend Kewin celebrated his 5 birthday today so Josh had a great morning playing soccer, basketball and golf with him. The sad part is that Kewin and his family left today for Bogota... we are thrilled for them but know that Josh will truly miss his new friend.

In the afternoon Jonathan and I took Josh to the gift shop here at the hotel to pick out a toy since he was so amazing during the Casa de Maria visit this week. Josh picked out a Monster Truck which cost 12,900 pesos which came out to about $7. I laughed because in the gift shop there are Thomas trains, but they're really expensive!

Today was an important day in Colombia as the new president, Juan Manuel Santos (no relation to our good friends the Santos family... hmm... or maybe?) began his term. Of course that, coupled with Medellin's festival of flowers and everyone's festive around here. We've had fun watching some of the festivities on TV... we were told it's much less hectic to watch on TV than to go in person. Either way, we do hope to catch some of the gorgeous flowers and exotic birds featured this week next week when we go to the Botanical Gardens.

Jonathan's doing great. He is feeling much better and his demeanor shows it. He's much happier and laughs and smiles ALOT! He napped this morning but took a short nap this afternoon. Because of that he was totally wiped out at 7pm tonight. Let's see how tonight goes. I had a hard time sleeping last night because the club downstairs had the music blazing and you could hear it through the windows. We've been keeping our windows open to avoid turning on the A/C because the Casa de Maria nurse suggested it would help Jonathan's respitory system heal better. It's not bad... it gets a little hot during the day, but otherwise the breeze is nice.

Well, I leave you with three videos to enjoy today. One is Josh making Jonathan laugh... we discovered that today while playing. Another is of Jonthan's "airplane" trick which also gets both boys going and the last is of Jonathan's walking progress. Love you all! Much love and blessings! xo


  1. We are sooo happy, can't wait to see Jonathan (another gift from God.)
    We thank God for given us such a beautiful family & pray that our Lord will always bless them & guide them at all times.
    Love you all very much.

  2. fyi, our entire day revolves around you blog. Jakey and I are are sitting here watching all of the videos and getting to know his new cousin. They make him laugh and me cry. Must be the age difference. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with your wonderful and ever expanding family. Love, love, love, Jo and Jakey (he spelled his own name)

  3. so cute Sandy!!! You have a built in baby sitter. Josh gets to release his magnificent energy and Jonathan gets to laugh!!!!You and Frank are wonderful parents and I know you will ALWAYS be blessed. <3 Pamela

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos! Jonathan must be heaven having so much attention! I am sure he can't possibly be used to that. He looked so cute with his floppy socks and the look on his face as he was working on his walking practice. He looks like a healthy and strong baby boy. Joshua is so cute making his little brother laugh. I am so blessed with your friendship! Oh yeah, everyone in The Way Station is missing you guys and send their love too!

  5. Love the videos. His laugh is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
    i'm sure all went well today. Keep us posted.

  6. How wonderfully adorable. Thank you for sharing your two blessings as they bestow brotherly love. They are truly brothers with open hearts and lots of love to share.
    Words cannot describe how elated I am for you and Frank and for big and little "J" as God has blessed them with the best gift of all - you.
    Hannah :)

  7. I LOVE that little belly I see on Jonathan in the picture!!