Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a difference a DAY makes!

Jonathan Standing in one of the cribs at Casa de Maria.

What a cutie pie!

Well, we do have lots to tell today...

This morning we had our appointment for the VISA at the Colombian Consulate in Coral Gables. We met with Monica who was so nice. She processed our paperwork and told us to come back in one week to pick up the visas. I had prayed for "favor" all morning long being that VISA paperwork makes me so nervous... but it went super great. I panicked when I realized that instead of bringing mine and Frank's passports, I brought Frank and Joshua's. DUH! Thank God we didn't need them today and I had brought the copies I needed of mine. There is so much paperwork involved for an adoption VISA... police clearances, our referral letter, a letter from the orphanage, bank statement, our letter of intent, passport photos, etc. We were helped by the lovely ladies over at DocuRapid (Jenny, Maritza and Marta) who translated and apostilled docs for us. They are so fast! It's only about a block from the Consulate too...

We also got three updated pics of Jonathan today. He is looking like such a BIG BOY! With Joshua's ears and Frank's eyelashes, he's definately a handsome little one.
We also found out that there has been an outbreak of Chicken Pox at Casa de Maria. There are 6 children who have it and because of that, the health department will not allow any child to go in or be released from the orphanage for the next 30 days. This means that we will not be able to travel at the end of July as we thought. Our new anticipated travel date is Saturday, August 7th. Of course that is if everything goes well. We've been so up and down with the travel date... first the 24th of July, then we were told maybe the 17th of July and now August 7th. I pray that we won't have to wait any longer than that! Of course this news saddened us a bit but we know that our timing isn't the Lord's timing and He knows what's best. I will continue to pray that He watch over our little boy and protect him until we can hold him in our arms.
We love you Jonathan! Please keep praying for his health and the health of all the children at Casa de Maria...

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  1. Oh, yay, new pics! He is sooooooooo cute!!! I know you are dying to get there. We are too! Praying for you all and hoping for speedy travels for both of us. Our paperwork is just now getting sent to USCIS. Sigh. :)