Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paperwork, Paperwork and MORE Paperwork!

Ok, so the past two weeks has been all about that... Paperwork! It seems that the new I-800 form is very detailed and tedious to fill out so, we had to fill out a ton of papers and send them to Gladney for review and process. Frank and I went down to the police station yesterday to have new fingerprints taken and today they'll be sent via FedEx to WV for processing. We also put together a small care package for Jonathan which included:
-a Cloth Cube Rattle with pictures of us on it
-a small Backyardigans Penguin (Pablo) that Josh picked out for Jonathan
-a blanket
-a homemade DVD with messages from us to the baby, including a tour of our house

We hope that will get there before we do so the caregivers at Casa de Maria can play it for him. We did the DVD in Spanish of course, so he would be able to understand! :)

Now all we have to do is wait. We were told the INS approval takes 6-8 weeks so, we are definately looking at sometime in July or August for travel.

Jonathan's room is taking shape... we still have the queen bed in there (does anyone need a queen bed?!) But Frank built the crib and we picked paint colors. We're going to paint Jonathan's room, our bathroom and the boys' bathroom so we can have a partial upstairs makeover. Jon's room will be green, the boys bathroom blue and I think our bathroom will be beige. I think the boys bathroom will be ocean themed (I found a super cute set at Target). I'm excited and eager to keep things moving along.

Well, stay tuned... we're getting very excited and anxious!
Love you all!

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  1. Post some pics of the makeover soon. Especially Jon's room :)
    Maria jaramillo