Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Destination: Medellin

We are very excited to announce that this time around we will be traveling to Medellin, Colombia! Our journey this time has been very different from Joshua's but of course, no two adoptions are the same (much like no two pregnancies!) So, after much prayer, we are walking thru this door ahead of us in the hopes that in the future we will add another little one to our family.

Our agency this time is Gladney Adoptions ( They are based out of Texas and we are thrilled to be working once again with Raul Velez-Velez (the Colombian program director who also assisted us with Joshua's adoption) and Beth Cheek, our amazing "dual" case manager. We are very blessed to be in such wonderful hands. Our impression of Gladney is an impeccable one. They are very organized and reach out to many families, no matter where you are in the process. Because Gladney does not work with CRAN (Joshua's casa privada in Bogota) we were referred to Casa de Maria y el Nino in Medellin.

We are so excited to be journeying to another part of Colombia and can't wait to see if the Lord will bless us with another boy or a girl this time. Joshua is convinced it's both.... heavens knows why, but he keeps saying, "When are we going to Colombia to get my brother AND sister?" So, we'll see. We can't wait to return with him to show him how amazing his birthcountry is.... we are truly excited!

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